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Men's hockey in Cincinnati

Submitted by da HOOK on 31 March, 2014 - 11:13

I decided to go to the NCAA Men's Hockey regional in Cincinnati, since that was where UND was playing.

I found the arena and my motel with no problem, although traffic on southbound I-71/75 through the construction zone was so awful I gave up and exited early. However, it took over half an hour to get me a magnetic key that would work for my room -- they thought it might have been something I was carrying, but it turned out the key reader for that room did not read even the master key.

I got down to my seat's row in the last minute of the second period with Ferris State leading Colgate 1-0. Coincidental penalties were given with less than two seconds left, so it took a little bit longer to actually sit down. The penalties were announced after the intermission. Motte had over 30 saves for the FSU Bulldogs, and his defense blocked many more Colgate shots. Babinski, who had spent some time in the penalty box, injured himself on a blocked shot he then iced, and had to leave the game.

After pulling their goalie, Colgate committed a cross-checking penalty in the last minute of the game. They pulled their goalie again so it was five skaters against five and a goaltender.

The game ended on a delayed penalty; video review determined that the whistle for the penalty did not occur before the third period expired, so the penalty was waved off.