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NFL Rule changes

Submitted by da HOOK on 18 March, 2016 - 15:13

These are my suggestions for rule changes in the NFL.

  1. Change five-yard first down penalties on the Defense. Currently, offsides results in a 1st-and-5 for the offense, but holding results in a 1st-and 10. Shouldn't that be the other way around -- which is a worse offense ? Perhaps all first downs due to penalty should result in a 1st and 5.
  2. Change the challenge system. Teams with a timeout should be allowed as many correct challenges but only two incorrect challenges. We're sorry, we couldn't get the call right because we were wrong twice before during this game. What ?!? Also, teams that do not have a timeout should be allowed to challenge, but penalized yards and/or time if their challenge is confirmed.
  3. No TV timeouts during injury delays. We're trying to determine if a player will ever walk again. But now, let's sell some beer and trucks and make an obscene profit.
  4. Any kick that hits the uprights or crossbar is dead and does not score. One easy way to discourage inaccurate kicks would be to make the goal smaller; one easy way to do that would be to insist that the ball cross without hitting the sides.
  5. Make overtime interesting by removing a down. In overtime, you lose the ball by not gaining ten yards in three downs rather than four.
  6. Let ESPN produce the US telecast of the Super Bowl. They can broadcast it on their ABC stations, like they do some of their Saturday college football games.
  7. Remove the 5-yard penalty for an eight-man line. Loss of an eligible receiver should be enough. If the extra interior lineman goes downfield, penalize that, but if he stays back to block, or the play is a run, do not penalize.